martes, 23 de agosto de 2016

The genius loci.

Por Edward Yates.
Revista Geographical.

Geography -both physical and human- can help people establish a sense of place, often simply by going for a walk...
Necessary to all of us is a sense of place, to recognise and be familiar with the genius loci. That is, somewhere we feel at home, with familiar faces and scenery, a culture with which we can identify and which holds for us a future.
Without this familiarity giving a sense of security, we feel at odds with our surroundings, alienated, rootless, no sense of belonging. It is a paradox that despite the enormous advances in IT there has been an increase in personal solitude. This was noted by the French anthropologist Marc Augé who wrote of the ‘non-lieux de la surmodernite’.
In order to attempt to remedy these problems in society it would appear we need the assistance of three disciplines; sociology, history and geography. Sociology with its emphasis on who gets what and why, should ultimately lessen the difference in incomes by achieving a fairer distribution of the national cake. As such it is an unpopular subject with the powers that be and is much neglected in the national curriculum. [...] 

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