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Wolf Carrauntoohil

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Wolf Carrauntoohil is an intervention project that involves the clandestine transfer of a skull of an Iberian wolf to Ireland and it being placed on a memorial-landmark in the vicinity of Carrauntoohil, the highest mountain in the country and one of the places where some of the last wolves in Ireland disappeared around the year 1750. 

The project will include:

Preliminary phase with transfers, documentation and research.

Intervention phase with a stay and fieldwork in the area, implementation and monitoring of the intervention.

Dissemination phase.


1. Preliminary work:

1.1. Discovery and recovery of the skull and transfer to Ireland.

In 2008 a friend gave me a few photographs of a dead Iberian wolf that had been run over on a road.
The wolf had been later buried there by a group of police officers. We knew where the exact spot was and a few months later we unearthed the body and took the skull.
In February 2013, the skull was transferred to Ireland, where it is today.
In March 2014, the first contacts were made in Ireland to present the idea and draw up the proposal.

Below, images of the dead wolf at the place where it was buried.

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